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Helping busy people become strong and confident through

structured training and nutrition education

What we do


A training plan designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Feel confident to smash your workouts with a clear plan of action


Discover how to build healthy, sustainable habits for life.

Learn what makes up a healthy, balanced diet and use it to fuel your goals


Having a coach means having someone to be accountable to. You're not on your own anymore, I'll be here to keep you moving in the right direction


Weekly check ins, private Facebook community and instant messaging with your coach through the Active Nutrition app





What our clients say

Want great results too?

Fit Woman


"When I started with Sophie, she was calm, collected and patient and happily explained everything to me. I'm sometimes amazed at the amount of knowledge she has about everything and how she explains things for me"


"After signing up for nutrition coaching with Sophie,  I was clearly able to see a pattern. Together we were able to focus on new habits that helped me to get out of my rut"

Fitness Class

"Training with you has really changed my life! I was a girl who hated the gym, was never comfortable in my own skin, I was scared to wear a lot of clothes that I wished I could but I never felt good in them. 

When I started training with you, I loved it so much! I quite frankly shocked myself when i used to wake up at 5am just to go to the gym!"



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If your progress has stalled and you’d like a fresh start, or if you haven’t started at all and aren’t sure what to do first, get in touch with me so I can help you take that first step towards creating a happier, healthier you!

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