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Struggling for breakfast inspo?

One of the most common struggles I hear from my nutrition clients is that they're struggling with ideas for breakfast.

Most of them like to start their day with a healthy, nutritious meal full of protein to keep them full until lunchtime, but can either only think of visiting the cereal aisle, where it's not easy to pick the healthier options over the boxes of pure sugar, or can't see beyond chicken when it comes to requiring a healthy source of protein.

I love coming up with new and varied breakfast ideas, with low sugar and a good source of protein.

Et voilà, the Active Nutrition Breakfast Eton Mess!

Using vanilla quark (you could also use Greek yoghurt) and Ryvita fruit crunch, this quick and simple breakfast can be made the night before, grabbed from the fridge in the morning and transported anywhere with you.

Check out the recipe:

(Serves 1)

- 200g vanilla quark

- 2 slices Ryvita fruit crunch

- 45g frozen raspberries

- MyProtein zero sugar Golden Syrup (for taste - optional)

Simply spoon half of your quark into a jar or bowl, crumble one slice of Ryvita fruit crunch, then layer the other half of the quark and the other crumbled Ryvita.

Add your frozen raspberries (I prefer to use frozen as they defrost in the fridge overnight and add more flavour!) and squirt some syrup (I love the MyProtein zero sugar ones, but you could use maple syrup or honey too!).

It's as simple as that!

Calories & Macros:


32g carbohydrates

3g fat

27g protein

Give it a go and let me know how you get on - share your pictures on Instagram and tag @active_nutrition_